The Boomerang of Hungry Days

I’ve limited my diet to 1,400 calories per day. For a couple of days this week, I missed the 1,400 mark by a bit. In some cases, the algorithms of Livestrong’s calorie calculators said my food intake minus my calories from exercise put my deficit at a couple of hundred for two days. Not that I trust that completely, but I know there are days the deficit was all due to light meals and limited daytime snacks. All I know is that when Thursday rolled around, I was hungry and grouchy, a stark contrast to Wednesday, when the scale told me I’d lost 6.8 pounds in a week and a half.

“That’s water weight!” I told myself. “And if you haven’t been eating much, that explains it, too!” I explained to myself further. But all day Wednesday, I coasted on that feeling of accomplishment that I knew, really, was too good to last.

On Thursday, I was hungry most of the day and was less circumspect about my food than I’d been earlier in the week. On Friday, I was a beast most of the day, ate all my snacks (including a very salty portion of beef jerky) as well as a restaurant lunch that was way more caloric than the frozen lunch I brought to the office, and had a full sugar soda with a piece of cake with my dinner.

I whined to myself that I deserved it all: I’d been good all week, and hey, I’d lost 7 whole pounds! Feeling like crap seemed like a good enough reason as well. I’d forgotten my anxiety meds the night before, I was a little tired (as always), it was later in the day than I usually eat, I was starving, and getting lunch involved trying to explode other cars with my mind as my coworkers and I sat in surprise construction traffic. So I was kind of, sort of, a bitch for a great deal of the day, and I am sorry that my coworkers, who I’ve known for many years, had to put up with that side of me.

A scale announcing an accomplishment in one panel and an angry cartoon woman in a second.

Author's MS Paint-y dramatization of the week's progression.

I stepped on the scale again this morning. Great pride goeth before a fall, or in this case, a rise. I put back on 5 of those pounds. The boomerang of hungry days came back and whacked me in the face.

An overall deficit of two pounds in two weeks is nothing to be upset about, really. I am hoping that water weight fluctuation and chronically empty stomach notwithstanding, some of that is real fat loss from that calorie deficit and regular exercise.

Learning the limit of my daily hunger and eating enough so that I don’t have bad days and hungry days as often will help me reinforce those new eating patterns and keep me on course with my weight loss.

Other miscellanea: As part of my participation in the 90 Days Goal for Reddit, I took a slew of body measurements on Thursday, finding out fascinating data about the thickness of my wrist, and started a spreadsheet (and everyone who knows me knows how much I love making spreadsheets) to track any progress or regression I make from now till the end of December. I took a new batch of progress photos of myself after I worked out this evening and got some folders set up on my hard drive to store them for later comparison.


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