RIP, Digital Scale

My digital scale is probably broken forever. At least it didn’t break while I was on it.

I bought it in 2005 or 2006, so it’s had a long life and has survived a couple of moves. Sadly, it did not survive this new year’s weekend kitten illness.

One of my cats was sick and had to be cooped up in the bathroom for several days. My SO and I had to clean the bathroom out completely of our things, and in moving the scale, it got set on top of a non-digital scale that a former roommate had left behind when he moved years ago.

Shortly after the scales were moved, I decided to weigh myself with the digital model (the standard model was, at the time, a glorified paperweight), which I hadn’t done regularly since the end of the last 90 Days Goal round. I was quite surprised when the scale showed my weight in stone and pounds instead of calculating pounds to tenths.

The internet, to my mild surprise, was ABSOLUTELY NO HELP in trying to figure out how to solve the problem. I tried pressing buttons and messing with the batteries in the back, and nothing worked. I was a little frustrated.

My boyfriend turned out to be the genius who took a careful look at the bottom of the scale and figured out the problem: on the NewLine body fat bathroom scale, model SAF5339, on the bottom near the battery, there is a switch that allows you to change the reading from kilograms to pounds to stone and pounds. The switch was flipped at some point when the digital scale was set on top of the other scale.

He found out something else was wrong, too, though: the scale then displayed an error message when stepped upon. No amount of switch flipping, battery removal and replacing, etc. was able to change that. What good is a scale that can’t calculate weight at all?

I suppose it’s for the best – not being able to see the number every day might keep me from focusing on and obsessing over the few pounds that I keep losing and putting back on. But at the same time, I love details and statistics and tracking my progress. Don’t take this from me! And I still have to weigh in for the 90 Days Goal challenge next week. Ugh! Oh, well. I suppose that measurement can be in whole pounds. I can always buy a new, more precise scale if I want to get nitpicky about it. And if I do, I will hang onto its instruction manual in case it starts giving me my weight in something other than my preferred measurement.


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