Fret First, Then Plan, Then Do

Wahh. I lifted too much last week, and I can feel it in my shoulder four days later.

I posted a photo of myself after one workout last week. I felt amazing. But after both workouts, I was also tired. Thursday’s lifting session was done early; I’ve been trying to work out only twice a week with 2-3 days between workouts, but I had prior commitments that made me work out Tuesday and Thursday. And Thursday’s session kicked my ass. I lifted to failure on the last set of two of my exercises and maybe I should have taken that as a sign to stop earlier than I did.

Fret:  My previously borked shoulder, for which I did months of physical therapy, is making it known that I bit off more than I could chew. I need to take it easy. The joint is not painful, but I can feel a little discomfort when I make large movements to test it out.

Plan:  I ought to work up to a barbell strength program slowly. It would make sense to get back into my physical therapy workout, modify it to be slightly more strenuous, and move forward until I am more secure in my strength, then test myself.

Though this realization of forced slowness feels a little like a defeat, at the same time, it is a sharp reminder that I’ve got to take precautions to avoid reinjury, and that even though I mended once, I’m not suddenly invincible, no matter how invincible I feel after a workout.

Do:  I’ll post about how it works out.

A cartoon of a woman glaring at her aching shoulder, which is mocking her.

Fun fact: anthropomorphized achy shoulders can only be silenced by hot or cold therapy. Sourced from Wikipedia, so you know this is verified.


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