Making It Work

I went to an outlet store last weekend with a good friend of mine as part of my Search for More Pants. And I struck twilled cottony gold – two nice pair of jeans (I don’t think I’ve ever owned a pair of Calvin Kleins), one dark blue and the other black, for $12 apiece. Huzzah!

A pair of shiny gold pants

I also struck this gold in the clearance rack. Yikes.

The fit on the two pair of jeans was great everywhere, except the hem. I wear petites, which means I have a shorter inseam than women of average height, and shopping for jeans at thrift stores and in clearance racks is always a gamble. Both these pants were made for tall women – they have 34″ inseams. Which means I could sew the hems together at my toes and have myself some denim tights! And…and…if I got a denim shirt to wear with them, I would have myself a denim onesie. YES. An abomination that I would never, ever wear in public. Ever. Maybe. Perhaps if I was bolstered by American flags and a mullet.

I was elated at my new purchases, but the length was an immediate problem that prevented me from showing off my fabulous new threads at work the following Monday. What to do! I can sew to some extent, but I just haven’t gotten around to hemming the legs of these suckers, initially because I was afraid of an epic sewing catastrophe, like an uneven seam or accidentally cutting a hole in the butt while trying to lop off fabric. Those are plausible Eve-created situations.

Another friend recommended I use the original hem method, but I’m not sure how well that will work for pants with flared legs. While I decide whether to make the best of it with my sewing kit or take these to a professional tailor and letting them figure it out, I still want to wear them. So this morning, it came time to MacGyver myself up a temporary solution. (I bet MacGyver could rock a denim onesie, then use it with a can of Turtle Wax and a door snake to create a balloon to get him and a pretty lady out of a sticky situation in East Berlin circa 1987.)

Rolled-up jeans pinned with safety pins to create hems

The dirty secret of this makeshift hem! Well, I guess it’s not really that dirty. No, I don’t want to know how you can make safety pins dirty.

A pair of women's jeans hemmed with safety pins; one hem pinning is exposed.

Showing off how the finished side looks next to the makeshift alteration. Also, don’t you love my adorable red shoes (that need polishing)?

Jeans hemmed using safety pins.

You can see the glint of the safety pins in the fabric. I think it’s passable until a more permanent solution is implemented.

Refreshing a wardrobe when it’s necessary thanks to sliding out of obesity toward being merely overweight, but inconvenient due to a limited budget, is an adventure, and you’ve got to make the best of it and be happy that you’re improving your health. I’ve managed to put together a respectable collection of plain t-shirts from big box retailers to wear with my new, smaller pants, and wearing fun necklaces with them keeps me from feeling plainly dressed every day.

I could keep wearing the clothes that don’t fit me as well anymore, but do I really want to wait until I decide I’ve hit my lowest weight, or decide that I can afford to spend a lot more money on a single article of clothing? Might as well do the best with the resources I have at hand and enjoy the hunt for new clothes while I’m on this weight loss journey.

And speaking of things I enjoy on my weight loss journey, I had this paleo-ish but not super diet-y dinner with my friend after our shopping adventure: cheeseburger with bacon, lettuce and tomato, with a side of sweet potato fries.

A bunless cheeseburger with sweet potato fries from Ozona in Dallas, Texas

Ozona gave me a burger without a bun. I ate almost everything on the plate. Including the little bowl the mustard came in.

And I still made a respectable weigh-in for that week of my Reddit 90DaysGoal sprint.


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