Quality Time With The Out Of Doors

My dogs and I have a pretty regular schedule – a walk in the morning, a walk at night, and a longer walk during the day on weekends, sometimes two. Multiple long walks are meant to wear the dogs out. Usually, they are ready to keep going, and I’m ready for a nap.

Two beagles and a Great Pyrenees standing by a foggy roadside during the day.

Dogs in fog. The little beagles drag me all over the neighborhood. I think my arms would be pulled out of my sockets if I attempted to lead the Great Pyr, too.

Due to  joint pain from increased usage of this body of mine, I started to wear my ankle and knee brace. I’m lazy, forgetful, and messy, though, so my braces are now lost (on a superficial level) in my closet. There must be a way to minimize impact to at least one of my often-used joints without having to take the extra step to put on yet another accessory each time I step outside to walk the dogs.

Being both lazy and resourceful, I harnessed the power of the internet to research shoes that would be awesomely supportive for my ankles. Of course, when I hit the big discount shoe retailer, none of the recommended models I’d made notes on were in stock. My boyfriend made a helpful suggestion, though, that seems to have worked out even better.

A pair of women's hiking boots on a bedside table lit by a lamp

My new, much-beloved, much-used hiking boots.

My new boots were not terribly expensive, are nothing super fancy, and have been augmented by gel inserts to make them more comfortable. I’ve had them for a little over a week and think the worst of the breaking-in period is over. My shins were a little bit sore last week. But I think since I’ve been climbing the hills in our neighborhood pretty regularly in a variety of shoes with orthopedic inserts in them, my legs were ready for another weird muscle group usage.

I’m really pleased with my new shoes. I’m not normally a big shoe shopper; I don’t want to spend too terribly much (I have no problems up to about $150 for really good shoes), I want something that lasts and is classic, I need something comfortable, and I tend to either stick to favorites or go in without doing research of any kind. That’s why I tried to do some homework before handing a store a large amount of money.

My dad says you get what you pay for when it comes to shoes, and investing in footwear is something you’ll never regret, since these are the only feet you’ll ever have. So far, so good with these boots. I conquer the streets, hills, gravel roads, and fields around the house with a smile on my face and no ankle pain.

I can’t yet decide if the recent twinges in my knee are more related to walking on it all the time without a knee brace or bruising the crap out of it while taking apart old furniture in the garage the other day. If my knee is still bothering me once the purpleness fades, I’ll have my answer.

Yeah, I totally spent two hours in the near-freezing cold (about 34-36F/1-2 C) helping my boyfriend pull old staples and nails out of furniture for a future woodworking project. I came out to ask a question and wound up picking up a screwdriver to remove drawer handles and hinges. I got cold, went inside and donned more layers, then came back out for more deconstructive fun. And while hammering out nails, I knocked a piece of wood off the table into my leg, giving myself a good whack in the process. There were antibiotic ointment and bandages applied.

Remind me to schedule a tetanus booster before I go out into the garage with a hammer again.

It took maybe half an hour to get acclimated to the cold – no heater in the garage, and the sun was only a little help – but once I was dressed for the occasion and hard at work, I was just fine.

A pile of wood planks reclaimed from old furniture

Pile of reclamation – wood planks from old furniture, waiting to be sanded, cut, and prepped for new purpose.

I think I’m getting the hang of being outdoorsy in southern Kentucky in the late autumn. I’m doing it just in time for winter to come along and remind me that I’ve got a little more acclimation to do before I’m best friends with the outdoors just yet.


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