Boring Adventures in Homemade Soup

I have a rocky cooking history. I never really learned how to cook, or paid much attention when someone was teaching me. I have used recipes in the past with some success, but it’s not something I’ve tried on a regular basis until this new year.

A friend bought me a soup cookbook for Christmas, and I’ve been trying out the recipes with great success. I make modifications, but within reason. I have enough failed recipes from multiple substitutions to know there are limits to my culinary hunches.

Mushroom barley: remove the barley, double the mushrooms. Mediterranean roasted vegetable: baking vegetables is boring, but sauteing is amazing. Split pea and ham: pretty much as-is. Chicken potato with bacon: use sweet potatoes instead, eliminate the flour. And my favorite variation: take them all into consideration, use one as a base, and throw every other vegetable in the crisper drawer into the soup. And add about half the traditional spices in my spice cabinet. That’s my kitchen sink soup.

Each recipe has turned out to be a winner so far, with my favorite being the double mushroom. I have at least 20 others to try, but most of them include pasta and grains and starchy thickeners that are either integral to the recipe or a pain to substitute for, and my paleo-ish diet dictates fewer of those ingredients. So far, I’m happy with zucchini and squash, mirepoix, sweet potatoes, chicken broth, and garlic in pretty much everything.

My only challenge now is limiting soup portion sizes. Even if I’ve already had dinner, I can’t resist the temptation to sample an entire bowl of hot soup fresh off the stove.

Delicious soups!


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