#forty5ksby40 is on the path to being doubled

On my 39th birthday last year, I officially began my goal of running or walking forty measured 5k distances by the time my 40th birthday rolled around. I hit the mark in May of this year. Go me!

A woman in a neon tank top and turquoise sunglasses holds up four fingers indicating a 40th 5k distance run. Text is via the CharityMiles app; 3.3 miles run to benefit Habitat for Humanity, sponsored by Blueprint Fit.

I completed my fortieth 5k seven months into my challenge (taking into account winter, my busy season at a desk job, injuries and illness). Next up: doubling my goal by October.

I have approximately two months from early August 2018 to double my goal. I have 24 more 5ks to complete an even 80. If I complete a workout every 2 to 3 days, I’ll hit the goal exactly. If my body doesn’t give me more trouble, if the weather cooperates, if I find time between work and life, I can accomplish it. And if I don’t hit the mark, well, that stinks, but I will have tried.

The heat and humidity this summer have affected my breathing, and any increase in breathing difficulty decreases my speed and stamina. It’s been hard for me to complete some of my runs, and a few have been truncated to shorter training runs that I obviously didn’t count toward my total. Luckily, my feet haven’t been giving me too much trouble, any knee pain has gone away quickly, and my stretching regimen has kept me from having many sore muscles and injuries. It could all go to hell tomorrow, but for now, I’m doing fine.

Heat has really been a barrier to my athletic activity this summer, so to try to take my mind off my depressingly slow times, I’ve experimented with interval training while on training runs, but mostly I’ve just been trying to complete my distance and not die. Additionally, I’ve been listening to the Charity Miles podcast The Extra Mile on my last couple of runs, and I come away inspired and entertained, often laughing at the personalities that Gene Gurkoff interviews on the podcast.

A note about the photo: You see my picture is emblazoned with text and logos, and that’s just par for the course for me lately as part of my favorite altruistic fitness tracking site. I’ve been using the Charity Miles app now for nearly 5 years. I logged a whopping 12.95 miles in 2013. As of this morning, I’ve logged 1,628 total miles for them, both running and walking, and even just walking indoors during the course of a normal work day. I used it one holiday season when I was working retail as a departmental lead and going 8-12 miles per day around my store; I logged a third of my miles that year alone! Charity Miles is not only a good distance tracker, it’s also a way to generate corporate sponsorship money for a list of charitable causes that range from the ASPCA to Soles 4 Souls to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I’m not affiliated with them in any way, but I’m a big fan and use the app whenever I know I’m going to be walking any distance. I even use it to log for MS Society at my main workplace. I turn it on when I walk to the other end of our block to retrieve the mail from the locked mailbox and then walk the circumference of the nearby park to stretch my legs a little.

If you’re on Instagram and want to follow along with my trek toward doubling my #forty5ksby40 goal and turning it into #eighty5ksby40, you can find me @treadmillofsisyphus.


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