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The Good Will of Others, part 1: A New Cookbook

Have you ever been daunted by a cookbook before?

I was excited to receive for the holidays a lovely, thick book about paleo cooking, written by Dr. Loren Cordain. My friends found this book and picked it up with the laughing addendum that when my jobs slowed down a little, I should celebrate the gift by making one of the recipes inside.

As I paged through the gorgeously photographed recipes, I skimmed over the ingredients, looking for something I could make with what was already in my fridge and cupboard. After a few pages, I got a little worried. I admit now to being thoroughly intimidated by most of these recipes, which call for root vegetables and fresh herbs. I’ve become accustomed to the bland regional supermarkets and my own food routine – of which I am endlessly weary, eating mostly out of the microwave and containers of raw vegetables as I am at this time of year with my hectic work schedule – and become so overwhelmed by ingredients that I don’t even consider planning ahead to make even one of these meals. And if I made one of these, would my significant other eat them? And if I made a meal, would it be edible? I don’t have a great track record in the kitchen.

My goal before the end of this current work season is to attempt one of these recipes. My goal for the end of 2018 is to try 10 of them. Even if I feel like I’m staring down a college-level statistics textbook and expected to understand it on the first day, there’s nothing wrong with learning and trying new things.